Competitive Wholesale Options

We built Sting Stopper to provide high quality beekeeping gear that actually solves the problems beekeepers have with the currently available gear. We have worked hard to bring great gear with innovative designs to the market.

And part of this was creating a program where dealers could affordably buy a quality product from a respected brand and serve their customers better.

  • Low Minimums

    We have a low minimum order quantity for each order. We know the local beekeeping shop is the bread and butter of beekeeping. And we know that cash flow is important. So we have low MOQ from day 1

  • Dedicated Website

    Our retail website has a dedicated channel just for dealers where you can quickly and easily order. Pick your pieces, add to cart, checkout and get tracking details. Very easy to do.

  • A Deal For Everyone

    You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on every order to get great prices from us. We know what it is like managing a business and having great prices with great margins makes it that much easier.

  • Pick and Pack Program

    You can order through our pick-and-pack catalog and order smaller amounts of exactly what you need. This program works great for companies who don't know exactly what they need yet.

  • Case Purchase Program

    The greatest savings come when you can purchase full cases of the product. Order by the full case and we pass the savings onto you with great profit margins and more affodable shipping.

  • Options for Better Margins

    We can offer more discounts based on several factors.

    • Pay via Check / ACH
    • Order in advance
    • Link to our website

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