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Sting Stopper™

Heavy Duty Goat Skin Beekeeping Gloves

Heavy Duty Goat Skin Beekeeping Gloves

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Look, beekeeping isn't a job for the faint of heart or the shoddy of glove. That's why we've designed the Sting Stopper™ gloves to be your hand's best friend. If Indiana Jones was a beekeeper, these are the gloves he would be using. Crafted with love (and a tad of obsession) from premium goatskin leather, these gloves laugh in the face of stingers. They're the VIP bouncers of the beekeeping world, keeping out bees, wasps, and hornets.

Don't like your sleeves bunching up like an awkward teenager at a school dance? Our shorter first to market canvas sleeves have got you covered. They're the perfect length to tuck under or over your beekeeping suit or jacket sleeves without making you look like you're smuggling baguettes. If you using a jacket, our favorite way to get ready for an inspection is to put the gloves on, then pull the jacket over your head. It's so easy. 

Now, let's talk cuffs. These aren't your grandma's elastic bands; these are the "Chuck Norris Round House" kind of elastic bands—double the industry standard's thickness. Plus, we've thrown in some extra-wide velcro, because you can adjust the cuff to fit you just right. 

We offer these bad boys in Olive Green and Beekeeper White. So whether you want to go commando (not like that!) or keep it traditional, we've got you covered. And just to add the cherry on top, we're backing these gloves with a 2-year warranty because we're that confident you're gonna love them.

Sting Stopper™ Heavy Duty Beekeeping Gloves

Sting-Defying Goatskin: Premium goatskin leather that's a no-fly zone for bees, wasps, and hornets. Unisex design for the guys and gals and with a little extra leather in all the areas that matter.

No-Bunch Sleeves: Shorter canvas sleeves that won't bunch up, making it easier to wear your beekeeping jacket or suit like a pro. We got tired of the long sleeves and i'm sure you are too.

Muscle-Bound Cuffs: Elastic bands so sturdy they've been doing push-ups. Enhanced with extra-wide velcro for that additional secure feel and durability in the gloves over the years.

Color Me Bee-autiful: Choose between Olive Green and Beekeeper White to suit your beekeeping style and mood. Both options look sharp, so don't worry about that.

Size Yourself Right: These gloves are made with leather and leather still moves and changes shape. So it is natural for beekeeping gloves to stretch a little bit over time, especially in these hot summers. So don't over order on the gloves. It's better to round down if you are in the middle of 2 sizes.


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  • American Brand

    Sting Stopper is an American brand that was designed to serve beekeepers in the USA. Our commitment to our beekeepers is unparalleled and you'll see it in our service and our gear.

  • We Know Bees

    We didn't just wake up one day and start trying to sell something. We have built a brand around what we have learned as beekeepers caring for our own bees. This is the gear we wear in our apiary.

  • Innovation Every Year

    We innovate because we have to. We are a leader in the market and our competitors watch our design. Beekeepers needs change and so does our line of products. We are listening to you!

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Sting Stopper™ Promise

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