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Sting Stopper™

Kids Ventilated Beekeeping Suit

Kids Ventilated Beekeeping Suit

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Introducing our Kids' Beekeeping Suit—the ultimate fortress of fun and protection for your mini-beekeepers. Remember the days of playing superheroes with a towel as your cape? Well, now your kids can be real heroes in the bee yard, rescuing you from hive inspections gone wrong!

Designed with the same triple-layer, sting-proof ventilated material as our adult suits, these aren't just any play costumes; they're pint-sized suits of armor. Because, let's be honest, kids heat up faster than a hive in the summertime, and nobody wants a cranky beekeeper-in-training.


Kid-Tested, Bee-Approved: Our suits are a win-win for young beekeepers, made with adult-level ventilated material. Your kids will be as cool as fruit punch popsicles, minus the drips.

Fortress of Zipitude: With an overlapping triple zipper and round-the-clock veil, consider this suit a bee-free zone. It's like your kid's personal VIP area with a "No Bees Allowed" sign.

All-In-One Protection: Triple-layer magic meets elastic and Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs. Your young beekeeper is wrapped up in a burrito of safety that even bees can't sneak into.

Pocket Galaxy & Zippy Reliability: High-quality YKK zippers throughout and multiple pockets for all the beekeeping essentials your kids need, like legos, Hot Wheels, special animals, and all the other required tools. 

See & Be Seen: The round veil offers a panoramic view, while the hat sits high for easy visibility. Plus, the suit comes in a stylish tan that'll make your junior beekeeper the talk of the hive.

Sting Proof & Security Lock: With material thicker than a bee's stinger and triple overlapping zippers with Velcro at the veil, this suit is your child's personal Fort Knox.

    So go ahead, make your kid's day with this suit. It's like their first car, but safer and friendly in the parent's anxiety.

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    • American Brand

      Sting Stopper is an American brand that was designed to serve beekeepers in the USA. Our commitment to our beekeepers is unparalleled and you'll see it in our service and our gear.

    • We Know Bees

      We didn't just wake up one day and start trying to sell something. We have built a brand around what we have learned as beekeepers caring for our own bees. This is the gear we wear in our apiary.

    • Innovation Every Year

      We innovate because we have to. We are a leader in the market and our competitors watch our design. Beekeepers needs change and so does our line of products. We are listening to you!

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