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Sting Stopper™

Professional Triple Layer Ventilated Full Beekeeping Suit

Professional Triple Layer Ventilated Full Beekeeping Suit

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If Jurassic Park taught us anything, it's that life finds a way; and if you have used other bee suits before, you know that bees do too. But when you're wearing one of our Sting Stopper™, you're entering a bee-free zone. Yep, it's about as safe as you can get while still being a beekeeper. Our triple-layer fabric isn't some rickety T-Rex fence; it's safe, comfortable, and well-designed for backyard and commercial beekeepers who value good design and safety.

Though our bee suits are pretty awesome, they are not raptor-proof. Let's be real; nothing can beat a raptor. They are just too clever. But if you're dealing with bees and not a pack of raptors, our Sting Stopper™ beekeeping suit is the next best to your first jar of honey. We have spent a lot of time making these suits better than the rest.

Color Options: Choose between our classic Beekeeper White or the dirt-concealing Olive Green, both designed to keep you safe and stylish in the bee yard. We often get asked if our Olive Green gets too hot or makes bees sting, but we actually prefer this color in the bee yard over white and notice no side effects. Both colors work great, so you can’t go wrong with either one.

Innovative Rear Zipper: Do you ever wish you could reach into the back or side pocket of your pants without taking off your suit? Go to the bathroom after you have already suited up? We got you covered with an additional rear flap with a double pull ring so you can unzip all the way or partially if you just need to reach into that back pocket. Not that we would do it, but you could just wear your beekeeping suit right over your birthday suit. You'll be safe from stings and be ultra ready if nature calls. 

Breathable and Sting Proof Triple-Layer Fabric: The ventilated fabric over the entire suit is thick enough to keep bees out at 5 mm and still light enough to let the breeze in. The 3 layers of fabric are designed to let the maximum airflow through the mesh but provide the extra protection needed to keep stingers out while also letting you stay cool. The actual material is tough and works great for backyard and commercial beekeepers.

Easy-Use Zippers: Our oversized YKK plastic pull rings are specially designed for quick and easy suiting up. No more fumbling with tiny zipper tabs, especially when you're wearing gloves. Plus, the design of the zipper allows a 2-inch overlap that closes all zipper gaps into the suit that clever bees try to get through.

Double Torso Zipper: The zipper in the front includes two pull rings so you can be fully zipped up and then easily partially unzip to reach into the suit for that thing you forgot. Just because you are suited up, you should still have easy access to pockets. It’s the little things that make a difference in our bee suits.

Boot-Friendly Leg Zippers: With a full 24-inch zipper with double pull rings, our leg zippers make it so much easier to put our suit on. You’ll be able to keep your boots on while putting on your beekeeping suit unless you’re Lebron James. Cause those feet are huge.

Versatile Veil Design: Our smart, collapsible accordion veil isn't just removable; it has an internal wire frame for extra support and a front zipper so you can drink water or scratch that pesky nose itch, fix your glasses, or drive. The veil is fully interchangeable with our round veils or our replacement fencing veils.

Durable Veil Screen: Built to last, our fully ventilated veil features an extra-strong mesh screen that won't tear from regular use. The PVC-coated Italian mesh we use is the ideal combination of optimal visibility and durability. It’s the Goldilocks of beekeeping veils, plus it is right-sized, so it is not too far from the face and not too close.

Storage Galore: With eight strategically placed pockets, you'll have no problem carrying hive tools, bee brushes, or even a small notebook for those beekeeping notes (that you always forget to write down). Variety is the spice of life, and our chest pockets offer it in spades. From partial Velcro, and full Velcro to zipper closures, you have multiple options for storing tools, phones, and even that emergency candy bar or Epi pen. Plus, there are even a couple of secret agent pockets on the chest where you can slide a neodymium magnet to hold your hive tool on your chest. 

Reinforced Elastic Bands: We've doubled the width of the elastic bands at the waist, wrists, and ankles, making them twice as durable as industry standards. This makes the suit more reliable at preventing stings as the elastic doesn’t break down and stays put on your ankles or wrists. In addition to the strong elastic, the ankle and wrist also have a velcro strap, so if the elastic ever breaks down, you are still secure. It’s like having a seatbelt and airbags together.

Knee Padding for The Pros: We've added solid fabric patches on the knee and the elbow, with a full 9-inch wide foam pad in the knees that works great for loading hives on trucks for pollination. Plus, the removable pocket for the padding is designed upside down so it doesn’t collect dirt and mud. Again, the little things matter.

Upgraded YKK Zippers: After extensive testing, we've switched to rust-resistant plastic YKK zippers that offer durability without the risk of snags or jams. These are far superior and more durable than metal zippers as they don’t corrode and rust over time, sliding easily every beekeeping year.

Easy Maintenance: This suit is as easy to care for as it is to wear. Machine washable on delicate and air dried, and the veil can be hand washed in the off-season.

Heel & Thumb Loops: Extra-wide elastic loops for your heels and thumbs keep the suit's sleeves and pant legs exactly where they should be, adding an extra layer of practicality and comfort.

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  • American Brand

    Sting Stopper is an American brand that was designed to serve beekeepers in the USA. Our commitment to our beekeepers is unparalleled and you'll see it in our service and our gear.

  • We Know Bees

    We didn't just wake up one day and start trying to sell something. We have built a brand around what we have learned as beekeepers caring for our own bees. This is the gear we wear in our apiary.

  • Innovation Every Year

    We innovate because we have to. We are a leader in the market and our competitors watch our design. Beekeepers needs change and so does our line of products. We are listening to you!

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