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Sting Stopper™

Ventilated Goat Skin Beekeeping Gloves

Ventilated Goat Skin Beekeeping Gloves

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When it comes to beekeeping, you need gloves that protect you and are comfortable—cool under pressure and tough as nails.  These are no ordinary gloves; they're the VIP ticket to a sting-free beekeeping experience.

With the hand wrapped blend of goat leather and a smartly designed vented system, these gloves are the bees knees. Why is ventilation a big deal, you ask? Imagine a desert road trip with no A/C. Now, imagine that but with bees. Not fun, right? That's why we've designed these gloves with a quadruple-layer vented hand and a triple-layer sleeve. It's like having a personal A/C system for each hand.

Pulling these gloves on is easier than pulling off a dad joke. Thanks to shorter sleeves that don't bunch up, you'll slide into these gloves faster than your hives decide to swarm. It's the "Goldilocks" of sleeve lengths. Our favorite way of putting these on is first the gloves, then pulling the jacket over like a hoodie. They fit under the sleeves very nicely. 

Cuffs? Oh, we've got cuffs. Picture the Hulk holding onto a rollercoaster—that's how strong these elastic bands are. And for those of you who like options (we're looking at you, indecisive shoppers), we've added a wide velcro patch. It's like having a seatbelt and an airbag.

Sting Stopper™ Ventilated Beekeeping Gloves Features:

Cool as a Cucumber: With a quadruple-layer vented hand and triple-layer sleeve, your hands will stay cool and comfortable. It's like having individual air conditioning units for each hand, but still protected from stings.

Easy On, Easy Off: Our shorter sleeves ensure you can slip these gloves on faster than a bee buzzes. Perfect for tucking over or under your beekeeping suit or jacket without causing a "sleeve traffic jam." You know what we mean.

Cuff Love: These aren't just any elastic bands; they're the "I've been lifting weights" kind of elastic bands. And we added some extra-wide velcro for that double-locked security and you can adjust it the way you want it.

Washable: Machine washable, because beekeeping is dirty work and your gloves shouldn't be. A little re-oiling after washing, and they're back in action. Just don't dry them in the dryer, that's no good.

Finding the Right Fit: Leather is naturally elastic and changes over time with use. When ordering and you find yourself between 2 sizes, order down and they will stretch to fit. 


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    • American Brand

      Sting Stopper is an American brand that was designed to serve beekeepers in the USA. Our commitment to our beekeepers is unparalleled and you'll see it in our service and our gear.

    • We Know Bees

      We didn't just wake up one day and start trying to sell something. We have built a brand around what we have learned as beekeepers caring for our own bees. This is the gear we wear in our apiary.

    • Innovation Every Year

      We innovate because we have to. We are a leader in the market and our competitors watch our design. Beekeepers needs change and so does our line of products. We are listening to you!

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