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Sting Stopper™

Professional Three Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket

Professional Three Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket

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This beekeeping jacket is slick, and you'll feel like James Bond while working your bees. Like Bond's craft is defeating world villains, our is protective beekeeping gear, and we know what we are doing.

With real-world experience and a bit of an obsession, we crafted our jackets with meticulous attention to detail. We have seen the competition, used their jackets, and firmly believe ours is superior. We've listened to beekeepers from all walks of life—hobbyists, commercial operators, and everyone in between—to design a jacket that solves real-world problems.

The simple things make the biggest impact, so we have designed these jackets with the little things in mind. The small things that 007 and Q would both approve of. Now only if there is a way we could defeat Varroa too.

Extended Torso Design: Say goodbye to jackets that ride up and show the bees where the sun doesn't shine. Our extended torso ensures full coverage, keeping you protected and comfortable as you work your hives.
Pullover or Zip It Up: No more fumbling with zippers; our pullover design makes getting in and out of this jacket faster than a dad drops his newest dad joke. Just zip it up once and never unzip it again. Unless you want to.

Color Options: Our jacket is available in Olive Green and Beekeeper White so you can look slick no matter which color you use. You can't go wrong with the classic, but the Olive Green is awesome. It's what we wear, and it doesn't show dirt! So you don't look like a new beekeeper or a dirty beekeeper; you just look good.

Quality Materials: Crafted from triple-layer fabric that's both ventilated and sting-proof. It's like wearing armor but more breathable.

Overlapping Neck Zipper: Designed with double security in mind, our overlapping zipper system at the neck ensures that not even the most secret-agent bees can find their way in.

Smart Veil Design: Our veil isn't just removable; it's also collapsible and offers front access for those necessary moments to sip water, drive, scratch your nose, or taste that sweet, sweet honey. You can also drink straight through the screen!

Interchangeable Right Sized Veil: We have worn many types of veils, and the fencing veil is sized just right to be far enough from your face but not so far you don't feel like a space cadet. Rather than have a round veil, we have them available, and they are 100% compatible.

Italian Mesh: We have sought out an excellent mesh screen on the veil that offers just the right amount of visibility, durability, and flexibility. You'll be able to find those eggs just fine through the screen.

Durable YKK Zippers: Equipped with heavy-duty, snag-free YKK zippers and oversized easy grab pull rings. They're the gold standard for a reason. Plastic YKK > Metal YKK for beekeeping. Trust us.

Multiple Pockets: Designed with both velcro and zipper closures, these pockets are perfect for stashing tools, snacks, or even a spy camera (just kidding, but you could). Our chest pocket can hold a phone and record at the same time!

Secret Agent Pocket: Underneath the chest pocket are two tiny pockets where you can slide in a magnet so you can magnetize your pocket for holding hive tools. It's awesome.

Elastic and Velcro Cuffs: Why settle for one when you can have both? Our adjustable cuffs offer double the industry size of elastic plus a velcro strap for extra durability.

Machine Washable: Easy to clean, easy to maintain. Just unzip the veil and throw your jacket in the wash, and air dry it. It's easy.

Elbow Protection: Each sleeve has durable fabric on the elbows to protect from wear, so no matter if you are a cut out king or queen, your jacket will last.

Utility Chest Pockets: 4 pocket areas with multi-sized zippered and unzippered pockets on the chest and torso. They are designed for holding everything from hive tools to your phone, ideal for when you need to record or take notes.

Internal Veil Frame: The included removable fencing veil comes with an internal wire frame for extra support to keep it off your head but still collapses for easy storage.

Improved Elastic: Extra-wide and extra-strong elastic at the waist and wrists, doubling the durability and fit compared to industry standards.

High-Visibility Color Options: Choose from colors that make you easily visible in the field because safety never goes out of style.

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  • American Brand

    Sting Stopper is an American brand that was designed to serve beekeepers in the USA. Our commitment to our beekeepers is unparalleled and you'll see it in our service and our gear.

  • We Know Bees

    We didn't just wake up one day and start trying to sell something. We have built a brand around what we have learned as beekeepers caring for our own bees. This is the gear we wear in our apiary.

  • Innovation Every Year

    We innovate because we have to. We are a leader in the market and our competitors watch our design. Beekeepers needs change and so does our line of products. We are listening to you!

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